Read It.Embrace it.Live It.


The Ichikowitz Family Foundation celebrates 20 years of South Africa’s Constitution with the launch of#IAMCONSTITUTION – a national campaign that encourages all South Africans to read, embrace and live the Constitution; to celebrate the achievements of South Africa and constructively confront challenges to reach the country’s fullest potential. The multi-media campaign aims to promote the values and benefits of the Constitution by encouraging interaction and dialogue among all who live in South Africa. The Ichikowitz Family Foundation contributes to the preservation of our heritage, the conservation of our environment, the education of our people and actively promotes nation building.

South Africa’s Constitution is recognised as the world’s most progressive Constitution.
  • It belongs to all South Africans.
  • It is our nation’s most precious asset.
  • We believe that as South Africans we must learn, understand and embrace our rights as enshrined in the Constitution.
  • It is our roadmap to the future. A future of equality, mutual respect, dignity and humanity.
Our Constitution is a roadmap for our future. A roadmap for an equal society where the individual is respected and where we rejoice in our diversity. In a multicultural country like ours, with many cultures, languages, religions, and traditions, our Constitution is designed to protect the rights of all citizens, which makes it our most precious asset.
Ivor Ichikowitz Chairman of the Ichikowitz Family Foundation on occasion of the Fine Line Exhibition launch, Constitution Hill, 17 March 2016


9 June 2016

In celebration of Youth Month, The Ichikowitz Family Foundation launches the next phase of their #IAMCONSTITUTION campaign for high school learners with innovative workshops and performances using the thrilling urban music genre of Beat Boxing.

19 May 2016

We partnered with CitySightseeing and Lalela to offer at risk youth involved in after-school art programmes an opportunity to explore Johannesburg heritage and engage with the multi-media exhibition,

IT’S A FINE LINE showcased at Constitution Hill.

19 May 2016

The launch of the #IAMCONSTITUTION student debate series saw university leaders from across Gauteng gather to dialogue around current challenges facing students.  The dynamic discussion has sparked an enthusiasm for a series of similar forums at universities across the country.

5 May 2016

5-20 May 2016 across KZN

The nationwide #IAMCONSTITUTION  Campaign started its national road trip  with Constitution Hill by partnering with Travel Massive , a dynamic group of adventurers, explorers and change agents who are ready to showcase South Africa’s magnificence beyond its physical beauty and get South Africans talking about what the Constitution means to them.

24 April 2016

On Sunday 24th April, thousands of people from across Gauteng walked in support of the #IAMCONSTITUTION campaign and to celebrate 20 years of the Constitution in the Johannesburg city centre.  Constitution Hill’s marched for 8km around the city, ending at Constitution Hill Precinct Square.

17 March 2016

17 March 2016 at The Old Fort Prison Complex, Constitution Hill

The exhibition IT’S A FINE LINE – a historic multi-media experience of world-renowned artist Dean Simon’s extraordinary pencil drawings launched #IAMCONSTITUTION  Campaign. Using art as a tool for dialogue, the exhibition offers the nation a distinct opportunity to engage our heritage, and to learn from the history makers that came together to draw up one of the most progressive Constitutions in the world.



An Initiative by the

Ichikowitz Family Foundation

The Ichikowitz Family Foundation contributes to the preservation of our heritage, the conservation of our environment, the education of our people and actively promotes nation building. The #IamConstitution multi media campaign is featured in its African Oral History Archive that charts Africa’s vivid history, magnificent heritage and collective memory.